Peyrières, le circuit du Diabla

Itinéraires touristiques

During its history, the town of Peyrières passed through the hands of various large local families. In 1266, it belonged to Lord Guiscard, husband of Guillemine de Beauville, daughter of the famous Nompar de Caumont. In the 16th century, the seigniory returned to Imbert de Montesquiou, but the marriage of his daughter to François de Gironde transferred the property. Sold to Charles de Dijon, Peyrières was then attached to Seyches. The town has a rich built heritage. Many houses, as well as the bell tower of the church, are built in a beautiful tuff stone. This circuit offers shaded areas when crossing the woods, and varied views of the surrounding hillsides. You will be able to enjoy, during the opening period, a view from the bell tower where an orientation table has been installed to allow users to identify the elements of the panorama.

GPS : 44.5754823 | 0.31873226
CDT - Service Randonnée - Phone : +33 5 53 66 14 14

Route : on foot Easy 2h30
Route : on horseback Easy 1h40
Route : by mountain bike Easy 1h15