Lavergne, la randonnée de la Dourdenne

Itinéraires touristiques

This long hike covers both sides of the Dourdenne, a tributary of the Dropt. Wells, dovecotes, windmill, houses of character, the churches of St-Maxence and La Mothe-d'Alès and the eponymous castle will enhance your outing.

GPS : 44.5916481 | 0.39713218
CDT - Service Randonnée - CDT - Service Randonnée -

Route : on foot Difficult 3h50
Route : on horseback Difficult 2h30
Route : by mountain bike Difficult 1h50

Footsteps : Trace_LavergneRouillac_2015 Fiche_Rando_391_Lavergne_2020 KML-LavergneRouillac-2015