Lac des Graoussettes

Equipements de loisirs

Lake of 32.8 hectares, 2nd category. Zander, pike, black-bass and carp fishing at night. Fishing possible in float-tube. Fishing pontoon accessible to people with reduced mobility. Each practitioner must have a fishing license. A marked hiking trail allows you to go around it.

GPS : 44.6058949 | 0.50373494

Opening : Fishing is authorized according to the category of the body of water and the opening periods of the species sought.

Visiting conditions : Unaccompanied tours

Facilities : Walking trail

Prices :
Basic price 100,00€ Carte interfédérale personne majeure annuelle
Basic price 77,00€ Carte personne majeure annuelle
Basic price 35,00€ Carte découverte femme annuelle
Basic price 21,00€ Carte personne mineure annuelle
Basic price 6,00€ Carte découverte enfant annuelle
Basic price 33,00€ Carte hebdomadaire 7 jours consécutifs
Basic price 13,00€ Carte journalière