Du lac de l'Escourroux vers les coteaux de vignes

Itinéraires touristiques

At the start of the circuit, there are woods and meadows then gradually appear the vineyards of the Côtes de Duras. Passing through Eybrou, a cellar offers a tasting tour in a cellar. The return is via the Escourroux lake. Vast expanse of water intended for irrigation whose northern part is small and wild, the southern part offers excellent observation conditions in autumn during the migration of birds. the level being very low you will be able to see all the waders of the region and occasionally some rare species such as the red sandpiper or the stagnatile sandpiper. Osprey and terns are also regular visitors.

GPS : 44.6899295 | 0.32669305
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Route : on foot Easy 2h15